Favorite snacks in Shanghai

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As an international metropolis, Shanghai is really a red and green, and Shanghai’s nightlife is a lot of people who want to linger. The four kinds of night snacks that Shanghai massage parlor people love most are absolutely unimaginable.

Beef skewers have become the most popular food on the beach at night. Dozens of flavors of beef skewers make you want to eat.

The kebabs are definitely one of the favorite things for Shanghainese. Especially the mutton skewers in Xinjiang are deeply loved by Shanghainese.

This kind of roasted strap is the favorite snack of Allah Shanghainese. It is always not enough to eat, and the taste cannot be expressed in words.

Japanese horse dung sea urchins are the new love of Shanghai people recently. Raw sea urchins are not patents of Japanese people today. Many Shanghainese people are well-received.