Shanghai maintains its first port trading city position last year

Shanghai’s import and export of goods was 4.2 trillion yuan in 2022, an increase of 3.2% one yea, continued to rank first in the central city, added 1073 first stores, and the quantity and quality continued to maintain a leading position in domestic cities. This is the latest data disclosed at the city’s business work conference in 2023 held yesterday.

It is reported that Shanghai will implement the “Optimization of Consumption Supply Structure” this year to implement the expansion of consumption policies and measures; implement the “business circulation innovation and expansion” action, cultivate high -energy commodity trading platforms, deepen the construction of integrated domestic and foreign trade; implement the “cargo trade optimization upgrade upgrade and upgrade upgrade “Action, accelerate the expansion of new types of international trade, and enhance the ability to prevent and control international economic and trade risks; implement the” service trade innovation and development “action, strive to create a demonstration zone of the national service trade innovation and development, vigorously develop digital trade; implement” use foreign capital to build a strong foundation ” Actions, exert the advantages of open economic economic advantages to attract more foreign capital, cultivate high -energy -level local multinational companies; implement the “Shanghai escort business to benefit the people and benefit the people”, continue to optimize the system of confession system for large cities, and continue to optimize the consumer environment.

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