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Shanghai is known as the “Never Night City”. It’s an indisputable fact that the fireworks are silver and the night scenes are fascinating every night. The city’s nightlife is an important indicator of the vitality of the escort shanghai city. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 5,600 shops are still operating after 10pm. That is to say, every 5,000 people owns a “night club”, according to a population of 24 million in Shanghai.

This kind of population coverage has far exceeded the matching standards of primary and secondary shanghai escort schools in the national standards, comparable to kindergartens.

But do you know that there is a magical old street in Shanghai, which is a must go nightlife place for each Shanghai nightlife players and tourists. There was a saying that described this place: “Hengshan Road, the bars”, Hengshan Road once created the consumption habits of Shanghai massage parlors people.

As early as 1993, there were only two bars in Hengshan Road. But this street was bustling from 1994. More than 50 large and small shanghai massage girls bars gathered in the core area of Hengshan Road, which was just 2.3 kilometers long. The place become a must go place for young people in Shanghai, and Hengshan Road has become synonymous with Shanghai Bar Street.

The number of bars accounted for nearly 100 among the 167 shops in Hengshan Road in 1999. The business area reached 35,000 square meters, and the turnover was 6.5 billion. There are almost no other leisure streets streets in the city . In September 1999, Hengshan Road was listed as the “Top Ten Professional Characteristic Streets in Shanghai”, and the glory of Hengshan Road reached its peak.

Although it has been depressed for a while because of the busy traffic on the main roads.But now the Hengshan road is becoming full of passion again because of the mature business model and the influx of young people in recent years. With vigor and vitality, it is also full of fashion trends.

A closer look reveals that the shanghai outcall service bars here vary in different style and scale. There are “Sasa” with English style, “Polish Street” with American style, and “Time Back” with warm and nostalgic time. The Irish-style “Ou Ma Li”, the “Little Red House” of Chinese and Western, the avant-garde fashion “True Love”, the approachable “fat” ,shanghai backpage and so on.

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Favorite snacks in Shanghai

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As an international metropolis, Shanghai is really a red and green, and Shanghai’s nightlife is a lot of people who want to linger. The four kinds of night snacks that Shanghai massage parlor people love most are absolutely unimaginable.

Beef skewers have become the most popular food on the beach at night. Dozens of flavors of beef skewers make you want to eat.

The kebabs are definitely one of the favorite things for Shanghainese. Especially the mutton skewers in Xinjiang are deeply loved by Shanghainese.

This kind of roasted strap is the favorite snack of Allah Shanghainese. It is always not enough to eat, and the taste cannot be expressed in words.

Japanese horse dung sea urchins are the new love of Shanghai people recently. Raw sea urchins are not patents of Japanese people today. Many Shanghainese people are well-received.