Chongqing Escort

The Chongqing Escort story in the hearts of 10,000 people. You guess where I will go if I want to travel, if I want to experience the most beautiful night scene? Yes, I will definitely go to Hongyadong in Chongqing because of this night view of the place is so beautiful than i image.

In recent years, Mountain City Chongqing has adopted scientific planning to lay out night market blocks, carry out night market cultural festival activities, improve night market supporting facilities, and other measures to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of night markets, encourage and guide night market consumption, and vigorously develop night dining, tourism, sports fitness, cultural and entertainment activities, Meet the diversified consumption needs of citizens and tourists, enhance the vitality of night market consumption, enrich the cultural connotation of night economy, build a night market brand, and Chongqing’s “night economy” has developed vigorously and is full of vitality.